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White Shatavari Root

Al Fiza Herbal is actively engaged in the delivering of a wide range of herbal products. Along with yellow shatavari roots, the company also supplies White Shatavari Roots to esteemed customers on a wide scale. Vata and Pitta are two doshas which can be balanced by Shatavari as it has calming and cooling properties.Shatavri roots containing vitamin A, ascorbic acid, zinc, cobalt, manganese, copper and essential fatty acids are widely appreciated for treating women issues, from reducing symptoms of menopause to improving reproductive health.Offered White Shatavari Roots is taken as ayurvedic medicine or supplement. Presence antioxidant content in this white root, protects the body from harm and issues caused by free radicals, which can damage the body cells and lead to severe diseases, like cancer.Its consumption helps in fighting anxiety and depression, which ultimately leads to reduce the mental stress. It can also help to combat mood swings.

Just at the click of a single button on the screen, interested customers can place their orders and avail this part of an effective part of the medicinal herb.

Advantages of White Shatavari Roots:

  • During pregnancy it boosts the milk production during breast feeding
  • It lowers down the blood sugar level
  • It is beneficial for reliving cough
  • It promotes diuretic activity, which means it can help fight UTI, reduce and cure kidney stones
  • All gastric problems can be treated by consuming Shatavari