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Mount Atlas Daisy

Mount Atlas Daisy is another name for Akarkara herb, which that is known for itsexquisite white flowers that bloom in summers.This perennial herb can be grown in normal to loamy soil and requires full sun exposure. This effective herb is of 3 to 5 inches in height, which can spread upto 8-12 inches. The scientific name of this herbal plant is Anacyclus Pyrethrum.The fine ferny gray-green leaves of this plant have deciduous fragrance. It is easier to take care of offered herb plant and its parts. At compatible rates in the packaging with breathing space offered Mount Atlas Daisy can be availed. Anacyclus Pyrethrum is not considered to be a long lived flower plant, but it is known for leaving long lasting impact.

In culinary, it can be used as a spice, and in Ayurveda its roots are for their medicinal effects. Not only Ayurveda, it is widely used for its effective and miraculous medicinal values as an alternative medicine system, such as Homeopathy and Unani. It is helpful in treating several mental and physical health issues, detoxifying wastes from body, improving fertility problem in men, stimulating immune system.

It is best to take it in powder form and combine with other herbs, like Ashwagandha.

Features of Mount Atlas Daisy:

  • It is enriched with high medicinal values
  • It does need extreme care
  • It leaves long lasting impact
  • It is excellent for edging