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Akarkara Roots

We are providing several parts of Akarkara, including its roots, seeds, mool, mount atlas daisy and whole plant itself. The botanical name for this plant is Anacyclus Pyrethrum, which is said to be a perennial type of plant. Roots are considered to be the main medicinal part of this efficacious plant, as its usage is beneficial for treating various health related problems. Its Libido stimulant properties, improves the reproductive health and increase the urge of physical intimacy. This herbal Akarkara plant releases the stress and pain from the body and makes it relax and energized. Apart from treating issues associated with men's sexual life, like treating impotence and , it also cures common problems, such as tooth ache, swelling and pain in gums. Its anti-inflammatory properties makes it useful for joint pains, like arthritis. All the herbal ayurvedic product offered in this category can be availed at highly economical rates.

Benefits of Akarkara
  • It is effective for treating men's problems
  • It is a rich source of antioxidants
  • It is a digestive stimulant as well
  • It releases stress